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Privacy Policy

Effective January 23, 2024


The application Slide2Talk (the Application) created by Slide2Talk Co., is distributed free of charge as a Freemium application with additional paid features. The main purpose of the Application is the transmission of voice audio messages between users of the Application via WiFi networks and Internet.

This Privacy Policy describes the policies applied in the Application regarding the collection, storage, processing and transmission of information, including personal data.

By downloading, installing or using the Application, you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Application’s End-User License Agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, do not download, install or use the Application.

Collection, storage, processing and transmission of data

The Application may collect, store, process and transmit only the data mentioned and described in this Privacy Policy.

Audio data

To realize its primary purpose, the Application can record audio data using one of the microphones built-in or connected to the user's device. The Application records audio data only when the user (the Sender) intends to record and send a voice message using the Application's user interface capabilities designed for this.

The Application transmits audio data only to those users of the Application (Recipients) to whom the Sender intends to send them.

The Application stores the history of sent and received voice messages for the period specified by the user in the settings of the Application, and allows to re-listen to the stored messages. Audio data is stored only on devices of the Sender and Recipients. The user at any time has the opportunity to permanently delete the stored voice message history, but only on his device.

Audio messages, if transmitted to Recipients via the Internet, can be temporarily stored on the Slide2Talk server to provide high-quality delivery of these messages. On the Slide2Talk server, such messages are stored for a short period of time and always in encrypted form.

Location data

When using the "Home Networks" feature, the Application needs to know the name (SSID) of the current Wi-Fi network in order to determine whether the user is on a home network at a certain point in time or not. The names (SSID) of Wi-Fi networks refer to the user's personal location data, so the Application explicitly requests the user's permission to access this data.

The application does not collect or share user location data. The Application accesses and uses (including in the background) only the name (SSID) of Wi-Fi networks and only for the above Application function.

Debug data

The Application, in case of internal errors, may collect additional data about the user's device and transmit them to our server on the Internet. Such data may include: IP address of the device, model of the device, version of the operating system in use, configuration of the Application on the device, date and time of errors. These data will be used by us only to improve the quality of the Application.

Data collected by third-party services

The Application uses third-party services, which can also collect, store, process and transmit user data, including personal data. Below are links to privacy policies that apply to these third-party services:

  • Google Mobile Services (if the App installed from the Play Store) – privacy policy
  • Huawei Mobile Services (if the App installed from the AppGallery) – privacy policy

Security of the information

When transmitting information over networks, the Application uses encryption and authentication methods. However, you should remember that there are no completely safe and reliable methods for transferring and storing information. Therefore we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the transmitted and stored data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We periodically make changes to the Privacy Policy, but do not intend in the future to limit the rights of users described in this Policy without their explicit consent. We always indicate the date the last changes in the Policy were published.

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